11 Facts You Wish You Knew Before You Became A Flight Attendant

Before You Become A Flight Attendant

Many aspiring flight attendants out there are desperate to land at any airlines with little to no knowledge about what it’s actually like to be a flight attendant.

Before you jump into sending your application, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

Below are 11 facts you need to know.


Facts You Wish You Knew Before You Became A Flight Attendant:

1 Salary is based on the hours spent actually flying.

We are only paid with the hours spent actually flying. Waiting for 10 hours for a 1-hour flight is equivalent to only an hour paid work.

So if there’s someone who should be outraged with delayed flights, it’s us.


2 You have to be an aircraft expert.

I don’t have to emphasize it over and over again that we are not just some glorified waitresses.

To be qualified for the job, we have to undergo safety trainings and pass them. If anything occurs, we have to know how to get passengers out of the plane alive.


3 You can get as much time off as you want, but do it at your own risk.

It is true that our job can be very flexible and we can get days off when we want. But we don’t have the benefits of paid days off except for the guaranteed 75 paid hours during on-call months. Tired and want to get a day off? Go! But don’t expect to be paid for it.


4 There are no holidays.

If you have enjoyed being at home with your loved ones during national holidays, say goodbye to those merry days when you start being a flight attendant.

You will surely have to work on these days unless you have been flying for decades and can already avail seniority benefits.

5 Say goodbye to your comfy beds.

The comfort of sleeping in properly-sized beds is behind us.

Large aircraft have an area above the passenger cabin, which is about 4 feet tall and 40 feet long.

We get to sleep in these not too comfy beds during our sleeping breaks which are about two or three hours for long international flights like flying from Los Angeles to London.


6 Get ready for constant stress.

Having low salary and working at different hours everyday are not the only thing that will make you feel like quitting.

Being away from friends and family and eating crappy food at the airport are just some of the other reasons to be stressed about.

If you are prone to anxiety and depression, then by all means this job isn’t for you.


7 Being well-groom is a job requirement.

It’s not everyday that you feel like dressing up, putting on makeup and dolling yourself up.

So, it can definitely be exhausting.

You also have to follow very strict grooming standards from how you do your hair to  the type of makeup you wear to how tall your heels should be.

Putting on extra weight can also cost you your job.


8 Fly anywhere for almost free.

One of the great benefits of working as a flight attendant is being able to fly anywhere for almost free.

You can get about 90 percent off on international flights which you can extend to your partner, family members and even to your friends.


9 Get ready to constantly meet new colleagues and say your farewells after.

One airline has hundreds of different flight attendants so you will get to know a lot of them during your flights.

Sitting with someone on a plane, staying in the same hotel, and going to a bar together during layover can end up with you getting completely attached with your colleagues.

But, you may never be able to fly with them again so it can surely be heartbreaking if you’re not prepared for it.

Your buddies now, may be your buddies for “only now.”

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10 Be prepared to stretch your paychecks staying in big cities.

Most of the times you’ll be having layovers at big cities which are relatively expensive.

To get through these layovers, a lot of us  stay at “crash pads” which are like dormitories with everyone cramming into one room with small beds.

It feels like going back to our college days.


11 Travel to places you’d never choose to visit.

One of the coolest things of having this job is the opportunity to travel and get paid for it.

You will surely be the “most-traveled” among your friends, no question.

You can sometimes be amazed with places you would have never chosen to visit.


Are you prepared with the reality of being a flight attendant? Do you have what it takes to be one? If you are, then come on-board!

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