Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew Slapped For Refusing To Lift Passenger’s Bag

-Cebu Pacific Cabin Crew Slapped On The Face

A female Cebu Pacific cabin crew was slapped on the face for refusing to lift and stow a passenger’s bag.

Madel Ty, the lead cabin crew on board, posted photos on her Facebook page showing the left side of her neck and face where you could still see the markings of the slap.

In her caption, Ty briefly explains what happened and declares that she’s suing the passenger, who by the way is a woman claiming to be a doctor.

Below is a rough translation of that caption.


I’m doing this for my fellow cabin crew. Hope this serves as a lesson to fight for what is right, and hopefully it won’t happen again.

I’m not a crew who always argue with passengers. But since I’m the lead cabin crew, I’m already involved in this incident and I am responsible for the rest of my crew. I don’t want to elaborate what happened. But the bottom line is, a flight attendant’s main priority is your safety and not to carry or lift your bags. What hurts me the most is just because of that simple bag that you couldn’t stow properly, you said to us,

“your job is to assist passengers, if this were a bus you’re the fare collectors! Goddamnit!”

For the record, fare collectors don’t carry bags either. There’s nothing wrong with our job or being a fare collector. We have an honorable job. I didn’t take your accusations personally. I tried apologizing over and over again. I didn’t argue with you anymore because I’m trying to understand your anger. I extended my patience. You insulted our job and our whole identity. But this is too much. My parents didn’t send me to school just for you to slap me. In the end, it’s not I who looked uneducated and ill-mannered.

Well I don’t want to make this long. There are so many people who witnessed this incident. May God bless you Ma’am.



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This battle between passengers and cabin crew over who lifts the bags is never ending. There should be a black-and-white law that protect us from all the insults and physical abuse we get from passengers for not carrying their own bags.

Fly Guy said this on his Facebook post.


This abuse comes just days after a Southwest Airlines passenger was publicly ridiculed for photographing and complaining about a flight attendant that declined to also lift his luggage into the overhead bin.

Most airlines give their cabin crew instructions to refrain from lifting heavy bags. Crew are often not covered by medical coverage if an injury results from lifting passengers’ luggage. Each year thousands of cabin crew suffer injuries while trying to manage passengers heavy carry-ons.


Since we are not covered by insurance and it isn’t even in our job description to “lift” bags, shouldn’t we be protected by international laws from this recurring abuse?


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