Delta Flight Attendants Trapped Inside Plane To Avoid Flight Cancellation

Delta Flight Attendants Trapped Inside Plane

Last May 12, a Delta 1990 flight flying from Atlanta to Toronto was delayed for about three and a half hours leaving flight attendants stranded inside.

Fearing that the flight attendants might walk off the plane for overworking, someone in the airline’s operations control center ordered that the door be kept closed.

Read this insane story below.


Delta Flight Attendants Trapped Inside Plane

Apparently, a Delta gate agent received a directive from Delta’s operations control center to close the door of the delayed flight to keep the flight attendants onboard.

The holdup was caused by a maintenance problem and engineers were busy working on it.

It would have created a bigger headache for flight operations if the cabin crew were to walk off the plane, so they ordered the plane door to remain shut!


Directive From Delta’s Operations Control Center

“Do not open door. Flt attendants out of time and none available.
Let [maintenance] do their work without opening door thanks.”


It is obvious that whoever sent this message was worried that cabin crew would walk off the plane and cause the airline to look other crew or have the flight cancelled.

As you know, flight attendants can’t be forced to continue working once we’ve reached the maximum flight duty hours.


Attendants Were Unhappy

The flight attendants on board were completely aware what was going on and what the operation’s control was trying to do.

The “flight leader” said that the operations team was trying to “trap” them on the plane.

“Since we are deciding to stay although y’all are trying to trap us on the plane,
and now our layover has been shortened and we will be past our duty day, hungry and tired.
It would be nice to have a deadhead at some point tomorrow.”

And added,

“We are ready to walk literally. Doing the operation a huge favor.”

Delta admitted fault with regards to the incident. It was a clear breakdown of company protocol.

“Operating an airline is a team effort and the guidance shared in this exchange does not reflect the respect and collaboration we expect of our employees when making operational decisions. Delta’s unique culture is built on supporting one another and that didn’t happen in this case. We have followed up directly with the team members involved to address this situation.”


Harsh Reality

This incident shows the reality of how flight attendants have been overworked and how airlines keep costs down at the expense of their staff.

Delta clearly didn’t want to go all the trouble in staffing the plane with a different set of crew.

Most of us flight attendants are treated unfairly by our airlines for their own gain and we should not go mime about it.

Have you experienced or observed any malpractice in your airline? Tell us about it.

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