I Heart Cabin Crew

I Heart Cabin Crew is all about improving your chances at getting your dream cabin crew jobs. If you’re looking for precious pieces of information about the selection and hiring process, find them in our Flight Attendant Careers section.

Take your first steps toward becoming a cabin crew with these Ten Easy Starting Steps.

Monica L - I Heart Cabin Crew

Are you already a flight attendant?

Welcome to iHCC, where cabin crew members of all shapes, colors, and preferences come together.

Let’s admit it, it’s not all glitz and glamour anymore like the old days. We go through bumpy skies now and again, but who said fun ends where turbulence begins?

Whether you’re looking for similar experiences or interested in seeing your personal stories online, the Cabin Crew Life section is a must.


Save time in preparing for your cabin crew interview!

Unless  required by local aviation authorities, you don’t need to go to a flight attendant school to be one. All you need is confidence, a friendly personality and a little preparation.

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