The Perfect Advice For Your Cabin Crew Interview

Advice For Your Cabin Crew interview

“Hi! I have an assessment day very soon! Any tips and advice? I know the basics of be yourself, be confident, not too pushy in the group work… etc. But I was wondering about the nitty gritty parts of the interview. How to stand out?”

To stand out, you need to change the way you see a cabin crew job.

Perhaps the reason you want this is you hope that having a cabin crew job will solve your problems or fulfill your dreams.

You most likely want the job so you can achieve the following goals: to earn a living; to live the cabin crew lifestyle; to see the world; to enhance your customer service skills; or to build your CV by adding the cabin crew job in your work experience.

Think about it for a second.

Why do you think airlines want to hire people?

Why do they need pilots, ground staff, and cabin crew?

Are they giving out these jobs to make people feel fulfilled?

According to James Reed, recruiters aren’t interested in – or moved by – your problems or ambitions. Their agenda behind giving out jobs certainly isn’t to make you happy.

The real reason they hire people is they need help. They have a big problem and they are willing to pay those who can help solve it.

If you tell recruiters you want this job because it’s your dream; it wouldn’t mean anything to them.

Put in another way, airlines will hire you because they want you to fulfill their dreams – not yours!

You have to show in your answers and actions during the interview that you’re the person who is very willing and capable of solving their problems and fulfilling their dreams.

So what do you suppose are the problems airlines want you to solve for them as a cabin crew?

That is the question you have to answer. Convince the interviewer that you’re here to help the airline and contribute to their success. You aren’t there to get a job solely for your personal goals and aspirations.

Think of your interviewer as a motorist who’s broken down by the side of the road and in need of help… It’s certainly better than thinking of the interviewer as a food truck by the side of the road … so start pitching your answers in that way.  – James Reed

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[Featured Crew Graciell, posted with permission]

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