List Of Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants – Apply Now!

Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants

Before you start applying for a flight attendant job, find out what this job is all about from our Crew Life articles and whether you're applying for it the right way by reading our Flight Attendant Careers posts for more details.

Once you're confident and ready to take action, click on any of the airlines below to see if they are hiring flight attendants.

Each of these links will land you directly on the application page of the airline. Simply click on the airline you wish to join and submit your cabin crew resume.

Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants Right Now!


Australia/New Zealand

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How To Become A Flight Attendant For Airlines In The Middle East

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Middle East

North America

Do you want to know exactly what you need to do to apply for this amazing job? Please read our post How To Become A Flight Attendant: 10 Easy Steps.


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