Give Emotionally-Charged Answers To Cabin Crew Interview Questions

Answers To Cabin Crew Interview Questions

Everybody loves a story-teller. A story is the easiest way to send a message, state a cause, teach a lesson  or evoke emotions.

By telling a good story, you paint colorful images in the listener’s mind; making you more magnetic than if you were just stating facts.


When you want to motivate, persuade, or be remembered, start with a story of human struggle and eventual triumph. It will capture people’s hearts – by first attracting their brains.HBR


In other words, when you tell a good story, people remember you!

A recruiter will easily remember you if you answer cabin crew interview questions by telling your own captivating and TRUE story.

How To Answer Cabin Crew Interview Questions By Telling A Story

Below is a Facebook conversation I had with a young man who was preparing for a flight attendant interview.

Read along our conversation and find out what I mean by making your answers stick in the interviewer’s mind.

Why do you want to be a cabin crew?

I love to travel and explore the world. I also love to meet new people while delivering the best service.

That’s good. Can you make it more original?
Your answer is everybody’s answer. Nothing special about it.
All the other applicants will answer the exact same way…LOL
Cabin crew is a job that needs alot of positive emotions.
Introduce them in your answers!

Talk about how you’re feeling being asked that question…

Ok. I understand
So I would say
That’s a very interesting question…
And then give the answer, right?

You’re getting closer…
Try something like…
“That’s a very interesting question, it actually reminds me of the day
when I was 12 and it was my first time to see a flight attendant. I
instantly fell in love with the way she treated me and my family…
I told myself…I want to be like her one day…”

OK. So in others words make like a small history every time they ask
me a question.

Exactly!! Tell them your story. We all love stories! It’s what make us
connect with each other.
The interviewer is just another person.

OK. Perfect.

Now, try again and answer the question?

This is exciting.

Open up…try to remember the first time you wanted to be a cabin crew
and why…
Why it is your passion…Dig deeper into your soul…
Did you have a particular experience with flying as a child that made
you fall in love with travel?

I used to fly since I was 6 years old as an unaccompanied minor and I always
watched the flight attendants working and I particularly loved how they
did the safety demonstrations in front of the passengers.
I actually have been on the plane since always and that’s why I love to

Were you always flying alone as a child?

Yes, I always flew alone.

That’s it…
That’s your story!!!

How about if you answered the question this way:
“This question reminds of when I was a small boy. You see I’ve been
flying sine I was 6 years old. Most of the time I was flying as unaccompanied
minor. I can never forget those flight attendants back then. They looked so
beautiful and professional. I never got tired of watching them do the Safety demo.
Then they approached me always smiling. Looking out for me. Giving me toys
and sweets…I loved them…They made me feel so special…

I told myself I want to be like them when I grow up.
I want to see the world…I want to learn about the cultures of other
But more importantly I want to take a UM in my flight and make him feel
what I felt when I was 6!”

Wow! That’s true.
Amazing answer!
I’m so grateful for your help.


While reading this short story, did you picture a lonely 6-year-old boy surrounded by smiling flight attendants? Did you feel a little closer that boy? Can you say you’re connected to him in a more human level.

That’s exactly how the interviewers will feel!

Use a great (real) story when answering the interview questions.

Apply this same method of story-telling when answering other questions like:

Why should we hire you?
Why do you want to join us?

When the interviewer runs through those piles of resumes for reviewing and finally comes to yours, she will remember you – and your story!

Stay away from the generic and predictable answers…All the best!

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