Do Airlines Allow Body Piercings And Tattoos For Cabin Crew?‏

Airlines always look for people who can represent their brand in a p4ofessional and positive way.

As ambassadors of any airline, cabin crew are the ones who will have the most direct contact and spend the longest time with customers . So, it’s necessary that they recruit people who have friendly, neat and attractive appearance.

Body Piercings And Tattoos For Cabin Crew

Tattoos For Cabin Crew

While I’m not against tattoos or body piercings, some travelers may find them rebellious or offensive. That’s the reason airlines have certain rules against them.

“Typically, airlines do not permit “visible” tattoos, body piercings (save for your ears), long hair on men, “rebellious” hairstyles, bizarre or offensive-looking makeup or jewelry, poorly manicured hands, etc.” Airlinecareer

All airlines are different though. Some completely prohibit tattoos altogether. While others allow tattoos that aren’t visible while wearing the uniform.

If it’s too late and you already have a visible tattoo, you must find a way to cover it up, not only for the interview, but throughout your working career with the airline. You may lose your job in the future if your tattoo is discovered.

Look for tattoo makeup to hide your body paint that will last for hours at a time because you could work up to 15-hour duties if you get hired.

If you don’t have a tattoo, don’t get one. Save yourself from all the trouble of concealment.

Same thing goes with body piercings. Remove all visible body piercings before your interviews. Don’t even think about putting them back on while going for your flight duties in the future. That’s never going to happen.

In summary:

Don’t go for an interview until all visible piercings or tattoos are hidden or removed.

When you’re asked whether you have any visible tattoos or piercings, go against your conscience and answer NO.

You’ll be rejected right away if you tell them the truth.

Besides, you have time to find a way to hide a tattoo or remove a piercing between the day of the interview and the day you start your actual training.

[Photo supplied by Nina to I Heart Cabin Crew]

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