6 Timeless Books About Flight Attendants You Have To Read

books about flight attendants

As a flight attendant, your life is a roller-coaster ride. You have high points where you enjoy your job and believe it’s the best in the world. You also have low points and think to yourself why did you ever become a cabin crew.

Nonetheless, you’ll have crazy stories to tell.

Whatever you’re going through, remember that other flight attendants worldwide have also gone through the same scenarios years ago!

If you’ve got time to spare, read these classic books by veteran flight attendants as they share their insane stories about work, life and love in the cabin crew world.

Happy reading!


6 Classic Books About Flight Attendants


Fly Me To The Moon
By: Alyson Noel

What’s it About:

The book revolves around Hailey Lane, a flight attendant on a mission. On her birthday, blissfully relieved that her current job assignment has been cancelled, she walked in on her man with another girl. Devastated by the incident, she was determined to get past the hurt. She found the perfect solution. What could possibly be better than free flight passes and layovers to exotic places to mend her broken heart?

Why it’s hot:

When you had a tedious day and want to escape into someone else’s world, this book is right on the spot. Moving in a fast pace, this novel is often laugh-out-loud funny. Clearly, the author knows the life of a flight attendant. Some may call it chick lit—as if that’s a bad thing. Fly Me to the Moon is a delightful read!

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Coffee Tea Or Me
By: Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones

What’s it about:

This huge bestseller offers a gold mine of outrageous anecdotes from the high-flying and passionate lives of two adventurous young flight attendants of the swinging ‘60s. This book takes you back in time when flying was glamorous and sexy.

Why it’s Hot:

It is definitely a page turner. Almost like a historical artifact, Coffee, Tea or Me? jets you back to the golden days. A true classic memoir!

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Miss New York Has Everything
By: Lori Jakiela

What’s it About:

The author takes us from her early childhood memories to the day she decides to be a flight attendant. Growing up with a wittily grumbling father and a pill-popping aunt, Lori constantly hoped for ‘Someday’ to come—and sure enough, it did. Through this book, you’ll be inspired by how she refused to give up on a dream.

Why it’s Hot:

If you’re looking for a book that’s as funny as it is dramatic, as heart-breaking as it is heart-warming, then your search is over. Don’t let the smiling stewardess on the cover fool you. This book is so much more than that!

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Flying by the seat of my Pants
By: Marsha Marks

What’s it About:

A compilation of short and amusing stories depicting the far-from-smooth life as a flight attendant. This will primarily remind you of how much an airline staff has to deal with – coated, of course, with the author’s distinctive humor.

Why It’s Hot:

Highly recommended for anyone in the airline industry. If you are reading for laugh-out-loud moments, grab a copy of this book and you won’t be disappointed!

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Around The World In A Bad Mood
By: Rene Foss

What’s it About:

From the endless array of demanding passengers to the secret language of flight attendants, this book covers every aspect of a flight attendant’s domain. Foss equipped the book with real and funny stories, keeping the entertainment intact.

Why It’s Hot:

If you’ve ever sat on an airplane seat, this book will tickle your funny bone. For those of us who’ve had rough days and forgot why we chose to be flight attendants in the first place, this is an ever present reminder. A fun and light-hearted read!

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Plane Insanity
By: Elliott Hester

What’s it About:

You’ll be surprised to discover that being an ‘FA’ means more than just reviewing safety instructions, delivering drinks, and stalking the cabin to verify that seats and tray tables are in proper position. Plane Insanity will have you thinking about appreciating a mostly thankless job.

Why it’s hot:

Searching for a serious and humorous read in one book? You’ve just found it! An intellectual and hilarious experience is in store for you through Plane Insanity.

Learn more here.

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