Cabin Crew Assessment Day Group Exercise: What Recruiters Want?

Cabin Crew Assessment Day Group Exercise

The cabin crew assessment day group exercise can be a dreaded part of the interview. I remember when I attended my cabin crew assessment day my mind was spinning with questions for which of course I had no answer:

“What task will I have?”
“Who are my team-mates going to be? Will they know we must work together or they will go for the ‘look after yourself’ approach?”
“Will we make the task a success or a complete failure?”
“What are the assessors looking for and how can they figure it out if I have what it takes to be a flight attendant when they only asked us to put some lego blocks together?”

What Recruiters Look For At The Cabin Crew Assessment Day Group Exercise

The big question here is why the group exercise is part of the assessment day?

The exercise is designed to identify specific skills required for the cabin crew position.

The job requires you to work in group, deal with various scenarios (there are no two flights the same), be pressured by time, weather or other stress factors, communicate clearly with people of various backgrounds and positions, listen to instructions or complaints and make quick decisions.

The assessors need to see that you are capable of doing all of this in a team environment. You will be facing a complex task in a group of 8-12 people. All the applicants will display their own personality: some will be very loud and dominating, while others are shy and reserved.

The group dynamic will reveal each candidate’s individual personality and behavior, and this is how the assessors can predict how each candidate is likely to behave in their future work environment. Also, they can predict how you are likely to react in specific situations.

You will be assessed on the following competencies:

Motivation and enthusiasm

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What makes a good and efficient team?

. Everyone understands the task and helps each other.

. There is a balance between “what do we need to do” vs. “how do we achieve this”.

. Group members listen to each other and everyone’s idea is heard.

. There is a supportive atmosphere where group members feel comfortable to say what they think.

. The group has a range of individuals that contribute in different ways and complement each other: leaders, planners, creators, etc.


What makes a team ineffective?

People talk more than they listen, so not all group members can contribute.

Roles are not delegated to members of the team.

Arguments between group members.

Lack of trust and helpfulness.

One or two members dominate the entire group and make all the decisions.


Keep this in mind and you won’t be clueless the next you find yourself in a cabin crew assessment day group exercise.


This post was first published on Flight Attendant Central by Kara Grand, the author of How To Become A Flight Attendant For Airlines In The Middle East and 101 Cabin Crew Questions and Answers For The Cabin Crew Interview.


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