10 Ridiculously Accurate Videos About The Cabin Crew Job

This guy is still going at it; creating ever funny and true-to-life clips about the real life of flight attendants.

I swear these are so true!

The Reality Of Every Cabin Crew Job


1  “When Cabin crew don’t get the working position they’ve wanted”

2 “When the cabin crew finally get time to eat after service.”


3 “Cabin crew at restaurants.”


4 “How cabin crew set their wake-up alarms.”


5 “When you get caught sleeping on the jump seat.”


6 “When crew are broke at the end of the month.”

7 “The special relationship between Cabin crew and wake up calls.”


8 “What happens during pre-flight briefing.”


9 “How cabin crew fall asleep on jump seats.”


10 “When you ask passengers to sit but they’re not listening.”

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