Cabin Crew Jobs: Are They Really Suitable For Your Personality?

Cabin Crew Jobs

Reality check. You may be in love with the perks of cabin crew but you may not like the job itself.

Being a flight attendant requires more that just your love and excitement for it. Your personality and character need to be aligned with the daily duties and requirements of this rather demanding job. Otherwise, you’ll be one of those cabin crew who flood their Facebook with their ranting and you simply won’t last.

Will this job be suitable for you?

Try out this behavioral based interview quiz which easyJet so generously prepared for their cabin crew applicants.

I encourage you to take the quiz as many times as you like. Answer every question differently each time and read the feedback afterwards.


Are Cabin Crew Jobs Really Suitable For You?

Each behavioral question comes with a number of possible responses for you to choose. For each response you choose, you’ll get the immediate feedback whether or not you’d enjoy this career.

Click below to go to easyJet website to view the full questionnaire:

  Try Before You Fly  


Below are a few examples of those questions.


You have been working on a flight to Hamburg and are just about to start preparations for the return flight home when your Cabin Manager tells you that there is a technical issue with the aircraft that means you’ll be delayed in Hamburg for at least five hours. This will disrupt the plans you’d made to spend the evening out for a friend’s birthday. How do you feel?



You’ve just arrived back at base after a flight and you have some time available to take a lunch break in the easyJet staff restaurant. When you go into the restaurant you don’t see anyone you recognise, but it’s busy and there are plenty of other members of Cabin Crew and Flight Crew sitting at the tables. What do you do?



You are walking out of the airport building with a colleague at the end of a long day. Your colleague offers you some advice about how to improve your technique for doing the passenger safety demonstration on each flight. How do you respond?

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If all the feedback you receive are positive then this job is right for you and you’ll fit perfectly into the lifestyle and work environment of flight attendants.

If not, please think carefully and reflect on the feedback given. Maybe this career choice may not be the best for your personality and character.

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