10 Cabin Crew Secrets For Lasting Long In This Job

Cabin Crew Secrets

New and seasoned cabin crew know very well how the flying life is so far from a walk in the park.

Working hours are erratic, loneliness can be heartbreaking, and of course, passengers can be disrespectful.

This job is tough and painful.

May I ask you,  how do you hold yourselves together and keep on working?

Here are some of the ways you can use to survive and thrive in this arduous crew life.


Cabin Crew Secrets To Thrive In The Air

1 Stay hydrated

A bottle of water is a must-have to every flight. Don’t forget to bring one.


2 Be organized

Make sure to pack what you need in your wheelie bag including toiletries and makeup kit.


3 Be Prepared

Make it a habit to carry a mini first-aid kit. It is always smart to be ready for anything.


4 Bring a Mini Pillow

Having a mini pillow can make you feel like being at home. It helps.


5 Leave the Stress Behind

Don’t take the stress from one flight to another. Make it a rule that whatever happens on a flight stays on that flight.

6 Take a Memento

Taking a memento of a loved one eases the longing a little bit. A photo of your special someone or of your family can go a long way during lonely times.


7 Eat Healthy

Eat healthy meals and as much as possible avoid crew meals stuffed with fat and salt. Rice and chicken not kept cool are common causes of food poisoning so you may have to steer away from these foods.


8 Be Positive

Keep a positive attitude at work. Leave the negativity behind.


9 Take a Nap

Jet lag can be a common thing for cabin crew due to sleep deprivation. Whenever you get the chance, take a nap and rest.


10 Indulge

Work is demanding. When you get some time to relax, make the most out of it. Treat yourself to some nice massage.

We have many different ways of coping up with work stress and struggles.


But one thing is for certain, if you love what you’re doing, nothing is too difficult.

How do you cope up with the demanding crew life?

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[Featured crew: Cristea Elena; posted with permission]