11 Hilarious GIFs That Describe Our Splendid Crewlife

The beauty of our glamorous crewlife. It’s a love/hate relationship with our cabin crew lifestyle, don’t you agree?

There are days when we’re convinced this job is the best in the world. But then there are those days when we just don’t want to wake up and report for flights.

Check out these hilarious GIFs about our lives as flight attendants.


Beauty Of The Crewlife

1. When the alarm goes off.

Image result for when the alarm goes off gif


2. 04:15 reporting time.

Sleepy GIF


3. Sh!tty roster change!


4. How you walk down the aisle avoiding any eye contact.

Image result for avoiding eye contact gif


5. Five minutes until your airport standby ends. 

Image result for the phone is ringing gif


6. When passengers open the galley curtains.

Image result for creeping opening the curtains gif

7. When you had too many casseroles in flight.

Image result for can't close your pants because fat gif


8. Keeping your graceful balance during turbulence.

Related image


9. Scheduling says you have 3 minutes to get to the gate.

Image result for hurrying gif


10. When it’s your turn to “re-freshen” the lavatory.

Image result for disgusting gif


11. When a passenger tugs at your uniform.

Image result for don't do that again gif


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[Featured crew: Francisca, posted with permission]