It Was Her Childhood Dream To Be A Flight Attendant

Dream To Be A Flight Attendant

“I was that little girl wanting a photo with a beautiful Emirates flight attendant. Since that day I had my dream to also wear the flight attendant hat one day. “- AasHi 

It was almost 20 years when Aashi first met the Emirates flight attendant who took care of her and her family – who instantly became her idol.

Today, Aashi is now a bit of an idol herself to thousands of young girls and boys around the world! Her photo was liked and shared by many after it was posted on our Facebook page.

Read below to know more about her inspiring story.


Aashi’s Childhood Dream To Be A Flight Attendant

I had the pleasure of an online chat with Aashi and here’s what we talked about:

How old you were in this photo?

Well.. I was around six years old.


Where were you flying to?

I was travelling to Singapore from Colombo for a holiday with my parents.


So, how did this photo happen?

I told my Mom I really wanted a photo with the lady cabin crew. I wish I knew her name. She was really friendly and so lovely with her beautiful smile. She gave me toys as they do for all kids. Then she took another picture with my Dad and Mom.


When did you realize you wanted to be a cabin crew?

I was around 10 years old when I found this picture lying in a photo album in my house. That triggered the fond memories I had on that flight. Then on that same year, I went on another flight on Emirates and I was watching what the cabin crew were doing on board and I just had the feeling that I wanted to be one of them when I grew up.


Why did you want to become a flight attendant?

To be honest I wanted to become a cabin crew not only to earn good money or travel all over the world. I knew I was good at hospitality. My parents always used to say that I was born with it. So after working as a software engineer for a while, I decided to apply. I was so surprised that I got selected from the first time.


Do you know that you’ve become an idol to a lot of people?

Hehe… yeah. I got so many messages after that photo was posted on I Heart Cabin Crew. I give whatever tips I know.


How do you like flying so far?

It’s amazing yet hard work. But If we love our job, it becomes less hard or stressful.


What can you say to those who dream to become flight attendants?

You may not achieve it at the first time because I have met many who have tried and didn’t make it on their first attempts. But now they are also flying as cabin crew. Don’t give up. Sometimes your wings need a little practice before they are ready to fly.


What happened? Why did you transfer airlines?

I had to leave Emirates because I needed to sort out some issues back home. Then I wanted to start flying again because as you know once a crew always a crew. I couldn’t give up on this since it is my dream job.

I interviewed for Qatar Airways but I had to wait one year for the confirmation that I passed. I’m so happy I got through from the first time. I am proud of to be have been with Emirates and now with Qatar. Both are among the best airlines in the world. 🙂


What can you say to flight attendants about the best way to treat the children on board?

I guess you should treat them special as you could be their secret idol for years to come!


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[Photo submitted by Aashi]

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22 thoughts on “It Was Her Childhood Dream To Be A Flight Attendant

  1. Miguel M. Salazar

    Honestly i didnt stop applying, im still trying up to now and i dont think im still qualified… Im already in mid 30 and that’s so sad.. So not all dreams do come true I Heart Cabin Crew

  2. Fanwell Peter Mass

    I’m 32 n have been trying for the past 7 years n I’m still going for it n it’s amazing how yu have just shared this story n this morning I got an invitation to attend an assessment with a five star airline ……any tips for me on wat to expect

  3. Raquel Behal

    Is my dream too, since I was 14, now I am 18, lack some years to finally apply for, thanks AasHi Jayasingheand and I heart cabin crew for inspire me never give up