Essential Books For Flight Attendants: The Good, The Funny And The Ugly

If you’re a new flight attendant needing tips on adapting to your lifestyle, or a veteran flight attendant who’s seen it all, you’ll find these books both helpful and entertaining.


5 Essential Books For Flight Attendants


Flying PintoBy: Sara Pinto Keagle


What’s it about:

A must read for new flight attendants. It’s full of pieces of advise if you are starting out your career in the skies. Sara Keagle also gives great insight on how to make relationships work while traveling. The quotes are inspiring and the cartoons amazingly funny!


Hottest Reviews:

Having recently retired after being a flight attendant for over 40 years I can honestly say that I wish I had this kind of information in 1968! This is a must read for anyone thinking of becoming a flight attendant for any airline – worldwide. All the tricks of the trade are covered – the good, bad and ugly. This is a book not to be missed…If I could have given it 10 stars I would have! – A. Meili

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Fasten Your SeatbeltBy: Christine Churchill


What’s it About:

From majestic cities, turbulent skies and peculiar passengers, to a SWAT team raiding the aircraft on 9/11, this book portrays the author’s personal journey in the private world of flight service professional. Learn lessons from a lifestyle filled with laughter, romance and terror.


Why it’s hot:

‘Fasten Your Seatbelts’ will take you on a flight where you will experience every emotion from love and life to fear and death. It lets you in on the glamorous and not so glamorous life of a flight attendant. Your next flight may never be the same!! – Marie from Ohio

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Betty in the SkyBy: Betty N. Thesky


What’s it About:

Ever wondered why there are footprints on the toilet seat? This and many other questions are answered by Betty sharing her experiences for the past few decades.


Why it’s hot:

I started reading this book in my office and before I knew it my co-workers were asking what on earth I was doing. I couldn’t help myself…I was laughing out loud and started reading some of the stories to my friends. What started off as a quiet day turned into a laugh fest. Thank you Betty for making us laugh…it’s the best medicine. – Robert Nelson

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Cruising AttitudeBy: Heather Poole


What’s it About:

What can happen 35,000 feet in the air? After reading this book, anything! You’ll be shocked to discover many of the truths behind the lifestyle as well as the incidences and behavior of passengers at 30,000 feet. A fifteen year veteran flight attendant tells of the hundreds of episodes she has encountered in her flying career.


Why it’s hot:

I saw the author discussing her book on Good Morning America and I decided that I would like to read the book. It is a behind the scenes look at what flight attendants must endure every day. From unruly passengers, to crying babies, to lack of sleep, and unrealistic schedules, these men and women really hold the lives and safety of their passengers in their hands, just as the pilots do.
I enjoyed the book very much and have a new appreciation for the hard work provided by flight attendants. I will try to show my appreciation on my next flight!! – Charles G. Roberts

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By: Danielle Hugh


What’s it About:

It provides the reader with a look at the other side of the flight attendant lifestyle. Danielle Hugh’s passion for flying dazzles in this frank and amusing account of jet-setting around the globe.


Why it’s Hot:

It’s an interesting glimpse behind the scenes for anyone who wondered what it’s really like. Danielle writes in a nice tone and has plenty of stories to tell. Unlike some other cabin crew books out there she does not resort to sniping about passengers but rather being amused by the human exploits observed at 40,000 feet.  – Gretski

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