Flight Attendant Became Hero To Boy With Autism Having Meltdown

Flight Attendant Became Hero_

A flight attendant at Delta Airlines, Amanda Amburgy, became an instant hero to an autistic boy who had a sudden meltdown during a flight from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta.

Sonja Redding was flying with her two children – one of which is a five-year-old Xayvior who is diagnosed with autism.


Flight Attendant Became Hero To Boy With Autism

Xayvior often has meltdowns in public due to his condition and Sonja is accustomed to receiving angry stares or rude comments from people who never understand that he is not just a child misbehaving, but a child who needs special care and attention.

During the flight, Xayvior had a lot of anxieties. He wouldn’t calm down no matter how hard his mother tried.

Everyone in the flight was staring at Xayvior and were annoyed by the boy’s unwanted behavior.

Amanda Amburgy, flight attendant, came up to them and offered to help. She took Xayvior into her arms and happily gave him a tour around the plane despite Sonja’s warning that he might act aggressively to her.

“She offered to take him up to the galley for a set of wings, which is her usual introduction when trying to calm down our younger passengers.”


When they came back, the five-year old Xayvior was a lot calmer and seemed to have found a new friend in Amanda.

A man who also had an autistic child  said that he’s never seen a flight attendant do this and that he really appreciated it.

Amanda became an overnight social media hero when this incident was posted on Facebook.

We know that travelling with children is already hard enough, let alone children having special needs.

It can prove to be painful and difficult both to the parents and to other passengers.

But flight attendants like Amanda make it all a lot easier, don’t you think?

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