Flight Attendant Height Requirements: Discrimination Or Safety

Flight Attendant Height Requirements Discrimination Or Safety

For a few of us, our life long ambition to fly the skies came to a screeching halt simply because we weren’t “tall” enough.

Isn’t placing a height limit discriminatory against height-challenged people?

Read on to find out why there’s a height requirement for cabin crew jobs.


Flight Attendant Height Requirements

Just For Aesthetics?

Although airlines look for candidates with pleasing appearance, the height requirement wasn’t set for aesthetic reasons only.

The primary reason for the height requirement is safety –  for both passengers and you.

If you’ve ever flown on a plane, you’ll notice that all the overhead baggage lockers are just over the passenger seats and become part of the ceiling when closed.

As cabin crew, you’ll be required to close these lockers before every flight takes off. You’ll have to push them way up until they latch securely. That would be difficult, if not impossible, for those who fall below the minimum height and arm reach.

These lockers can be very heavy when they’re filled with bags putting a lot of pressure on your lower back and feet when you stand on your toes which can lead to health complications in the future.

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Location of Safety Equipment

Fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, medical kits, and other survival equipment are also stowed in lockers that are high to reach.

In any emergency situation mere seconds can make the difference between life and death. A cabin crew must immediately be able to access an equipment, remove and carry it with ease.

You can’t waste time pulling an object to stand on or calling someone taller to reach the equipment for you.


Many airlines today have minimum height requirement and/or require you to pass an arm reach test.

Emirates for example has a minimum height requirement of 160 cm in addition to another requirement that you’re able reach a mark 212cm high above the floor while barefoot.

Qatar Airways, on the other hand, only requires an arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes.

Etihad has a lower arm reach of 210 cm without shoes.

Most Asian airlines require that you be at least 5’2″ for girls and 5’6″ for the boys.


Check the specific height requirements for each airline before you apply.

If you think you don’t meet the required height of the major airlines, try at some of the smaller regional or domestic airlines.

They have smaller aircraft so their minimum height requirement is generally lower.

Hope this helps and I wish the best of luck!

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[Featured crew: Deima, posted with permission]