Flight Attendant Interview: 3 Easy Practices To Boost Your Confidence

Flight Attendant Interview

As cabin crew, you’ll have to become some sort of a social butterfly. It’s crucial to your career that you become a person who can adapt to any scenario and are capable of interacting with people from all walks of life.

Your ability to be assertive as well as sociable boils down to the level of confidence you have. How confident you are is simply defined by how comfortable you are in your own skin.

You can hone your confidence by practicing the activities below every day.


How To Be More Confident For Your Flight Attendant Interview

1  Make Eye Contact With Everyone

Starting today, whenever you walk into a room or a shop, look for the eyes. If you catch anyone’s eyes, maintain good comfortable eye contact then give a quick smile with a friendly nod  and say Hi.

If the person doesn’t acknowledge, that’s their problem.

It will become second nature if you practice this everyday. It will give you better control of your body language and eye contact.

Good eye contact always means oozing confidence.

Eye contact is also the best conversation opener, which leads us to our next exercise.

2 Have “Little Chats” Everywhere

Chat with store cashiers, restaurant waiters, bank clerks, and so forth. Use this as an opportunity to enhance your rapport-building and communication skills.

It is possible that those “little chats” you had with the cashier or waiter could turn into something a lot more. You could end up making a new friend!

When you become a flight attendant, you’ll have to be the person who talks to strangers. You’ll be dealing with people you just met for the first time.

  • Pilots
  • Catering Staff
  • Gate Agents
  • Cleaners
  • Security Personnel
  • Co-cabin crew
  • Passengers


“What shall I talk about?” you may ask.

You can start by complimenting people. That works all the time. (For more on this, please read How To Instantly Connect With People Using Compliments.)


Always Tell A Positive Story

When a person asks you, “How are you?” don’t give the average and boring answer like, “I’m ok” or “I’m good.”

Add more zest to your answers. Something that goes like this:

“I’m awesome, I just started/got into/finished…” Here’re where you share a quick story of something exciting that is happening in your life.

This is good exercise for showing that you have a positive attitude towards life.

Being positive is infectious. It also makes you attractive and memorable. People will want to talk to you. Who wants to talk to a negative nagger, right?

During the interview, a recruiter will ask you simple daily questions like:

  • How was your ride coming here?
  • How was your breakfast?
  • How are you feeling today?

Tell short positive and descriptive stories about your ride, your breakfast, and how you’re feeling. Don’t just say, “Good.”

Recruiters will always be looking at your level of confidence in the way you interact with them as well as with the other applicants. They want to see how comfortable you’ll in an unfamiliar social setting.


Practice these every day and being confident and sociable will become instinctive to you.

Once you feel ready, read our How To Become A Flight Attendant: Ten Easy Steps.


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