9 Essential Flight Attendant Requirements You Should Have

Flight Attendant Requirements

There will always be a need to hire more flight attendants.

Air travel is bound to grow. As air fares get cheaper, more and more people will travel which will lead to airlines expanding.

That doesn’t mean that airlines will hire just anybody to fill that need. Top airlines have state of the art technology, the most comfortable designs, and they hire only the most efficient flight attendants.

Check below to learn about the most common flight attendant requirements.


Basic Flight Attendant Requirements

1 High School Degree

Having a high school degree is all you need to become a flight attendant. However, because of today’s tough competition for the job, a college degree gives you a little edge.

It’s favorable if your college degree is related to communication and people skills such as public relations, sociology, and psychology.

A university degree will also be very beneficial to you in the long run if you hope to get into higher management within the airline industry in the future.



2 Language Skills

You have to be fluent in English; there’s just no way around this. You need to be able to speak it, write it, and read it with absolute ease.

Recent job openings require applicants to be fluent in other languages too. Languages that are in demand these days are Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

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3 Proportional Physique

You must not be overweight if you plan to become a flight attendant. It’s about agility and not to discriminate.

Since airplane aisles are narrow, a flight attendant should be able to move through them comfortably. You also have to be tall enough to close those overhead stowage compartments.


4 Medically Fit

Get a general check up from your doctor before applying for the job.

The high altitude may have negative effects on you if you suffer from particular health conditions such as hypertension, asthma, hepatitis, diabetes, and epilepsy.


5 Passport

Hey you will be travelling around the world so this is a given.


6 Impressive Resume

Your resume must show that you have a good grip on customer service and that you can compose yourself well in public having no problems in dealing with strangers on a daily basis.

I would recommend that you work at a local fine dining restaurant or get a part-time job in any hotel establishment while waiting for the flight attendant job.  This will help polish your people skills.


7 Background Check

Before you get hired, airlines will make an in-depth background check on you. It would be best to be honest during your application.

Make sure that if they do a Google or Facebook search of your name, they won’t be surprised by what they find. Take down all those high school photos of you in compromising situations.


8 Tattoo Taboo

Think very carefully before getting that tattoo. Many airlines have very strict policies against tattoos.

Some don’t want visible tattoos showing through the uniform while others prohibit tattoos in general. Besides, tattoos won’t be as cool as you think when you get older (when your skin gets looser).



9 Research The Airline

Regularly visit the websites of the airlines you wish to join.

Keep updating yourself with their requirements while being on the lookout for any open day interviews they may be having at a city near you.

I would recommend that you attend all those open days just to get a overview of how the whole selection process works.


The current rate at which candidates are selected is 1%. In other words, out of 2,000 hopefuls who line outside a hotel conference hall on an open day interview, only 20 will make it through. Yes, it is that tough!

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