As Cabin Cabin What Are The Countries With Most Difficult Passengers?

Flight Attendant Reveals Countries With Most Difficult Passengers

Being a flight attendant can be super exhausting, especially when you have to deal with a difficult passenger.

Users on Quora who are flight attendants revealed the countries with most difficult passengers.

Read below as they share the good and not-so-good traits of passengers from different nationalities.

Having said that all country passengers have some positive and some negative.



They are usually very good and well behaved. They don’t eat much or drink a lot and are mostly polite and know the rules well which they follow. At times they are a bit loud when in a group but that’s understood.



German, Swiss, Austrian, Belgian, Danish follow the rules and consider an aircraft as means of travel (not a restaurant or a bar). French and Italian are nice as well, but they usually like to taste a lot on board so the flights get busy, but still nice.

If it’s a night flight then it’s a bit relaxing however day flights from Europe can be very demanding for the non stop service of alcohol during the flight especially sectors from France, Italy and Germany.



They drink far too much and love their vodka. Sometimes they don’t drink too much from the flight but they always carry their own vodka bottles, hide them and drink during the flight.

We only know about it during landing when plenty of vodka bottles roll down the aisle when the aircraft touches down.



They are polite and educated however they like to eat Beef so we often run out of choice if this is one of the menu choice and it gets tough.

Drinking also becomes a concern because they love Gin Tonic and wine. Seldom they get drunk but they keep us really busy.


They don’t drink too much but there are so many Kosher meals that need to be hand-delivered since these are special meals so we walk up and down the aisle which gets a bit tiring.

Besides that they love to make conversations and are usually very easy.



If they belong to the working class then it’s difficult to handle because they too drink a lot in flight.

If they are well educated then they have a lot of special requests and tend to complain. But if we as crew are polite to them and explain to them something then they are super easy to please.

Wheelchairs to and from India is a major concern.



These ones I love because I can give them whatever I have and they are always happy. That’s because there is a communication problem and they can’t often explain what they want so they take whatever I offer.

They love anything with rice and love apple juice. Never drink alcohol but always hand over too many empty bottles for their hot water.

They hardly bring a lot of bags so the overhead compartments are empty and keep their shopping bags under their seats.



These are another ones I love. They always travel light and keep their bags under the seats so there’s plenty of room in overhead compartments.

No wheelchairs usually since even the elderly seem super fit. For some reason the women really love pasta so we have to manage food choices.

They will give the tray exactly how they got it and will also clean their area before they disembark leaving the aircraft almost as the way it was when they boarded.

Only concern is we can never tell when a Japanese passenger is unhappy because they will never complain and look calm but would sometime complain directly to the company.

Some men also drink a lot of beer and love drinking beer even in the morning.


Rest of Asia

Majority of Asians are the easiest, travel light and there is no concern of overhead lockers being full. They smile every time and talk politely to the crew.

Let’s remind again that all country passengers have some positive and some negative. What is your favorite country passenger? and why?

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