Why Flight Attendants Must Have Emotional Intelligence To Succeed

Flight Attendants Must Have Emotional Intelligence

The skies aren’t friendly anymore. Travelers aren’t usually understanding or accommodating.

The pressures of this fast-paced modern world ushered in the  attitude of Instant Gratification and high level of entitlement.

Good people skills isn’t enough anymore to succeed at this job. Knowledge alone just won’t do.

Flight attendants must have something known as emotional intelligence.

Read below to find out why you should hone your EQ.

Flight Attendants Must Have Emotional Intelligence

Prevent Going Insane

Now, everybody can fly. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Passengers today can verbally abuse you. Throw racist, homophobic, or sexist comments at you. Punch you. Heck, they can even bite you!

Freedom of expression has plagued travelers’ behavior. They’re under the impression that since they paid for their tickets, they can do whatever they want. They believe it’s their right.

In addition, passengers are constantly demanding more value for their money and they hardly tolerate any minor inconveniences.

It’s a daily struggle for flight attendants to exercise their authority. Slogans like “Customer Is King” or “Customer Is Always Right”  are the most powerful weapons used against flight attendants.

You’ll need to tap into your emotional intelligence. Otherwise, you’ll lose your mind. You’ll start hating people altogether.

Besides keeping you from going insane, emotional intelligence can actually make you a better person.


Become A Better Person

According to Psychology Today, increasing your emotional intelligence will make you more charming and diplomatic. You’ll develop 3 skills:

. The ability to identify your own emotions and those of others, better known as Emotional awareness;

. The ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problems solving;

. The ability to manage emotions, including the ability to regulate your own emotions, and the ability to cheer up or calm down another person.

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As a flight attendant, you aren’t on board exclusively for smooth rides. You’re mainly put on an airplane to solve problems whether it’s a matter of safety or service.

Flight attendants must now be masters at calming passengers and de-escalating hostility when the need arises. The airlines are also attempting to improve things by hiring more customer service-oriented candidates, who are seasoned in the art of handling difficult situations. They must be flexible and easy-going, and anyone who possesses a degree or a background in psychology is nowadays considered a hot property by airline recruiters and managers. – Coffee, Tea Or Psychology


A pretty face is not enough to coax a passenger into submission. Don’t hold off developing your emotional intelligence.

For further reading I recommend the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

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[Featured crew Eve, posted with permission]