How A Miss Italy Contestant Became The Face Of China Eastern Airline

Face Of China Eastern Airline

Life has its funny way of surprising you with experiences you never thought possible. One day, you could be half way around the world representing an airline of another country.

This is exactly what happened to Giada Pulcinelli, the face of China Eastern Airline

IHCC got a chance to have a chat with Giada and find out more about her and how this whole thing happened. Read below to see how a normal day at the gym made Giada’s dream possible in a way beyond her wildest imagination.


How A Day At The Gym Lead Giada To Become The Face Of China Eastern Airline


Where are you from?

I will start by saying that I’m really thankful that I can share my experience on your website. I love all your posts and articles. I’m happy that my story can be shared in your page.

Well, I’m from Rome, Italy and am 23 years old.

Face Of China Eastern Airline Rome


What did you do before you became a flight attendant?

Before becoming a flight attendant I was studying Tourism at the “La Sapienza” university in Rome. I am currently still doing my studies actually and will graduate and receive my degree in July.

During my last two high school years I did some modelling as well. Working as a model gave me amazing opportunities to travel to many beautiful cities around the world. I also represented my country in beauty contests several times. In 2014 I represented Italy in the Miss All Nations beauty contest in China and was among the Top Five finalists.

I also worked as a receptionist for a while.


How did you get to be a flight attendant with China Eastern?

Working as flight attendant has always been my dream. But I wanted to wait until I finished my studies before I could go after this career. However, destiny had it’s own plans that I become I flight attendant now.

On one day I was at the gym and I heard the gym instructor talking to another member about some travelling plans. I asked them where they were planning to travel. She told me that she wanted to attend the recruitment day for a cabin crew interview for an airline in China (China Eastern Airlines) which would be held in the following month. 

I thought that I should apply too. The idea of moving to Shanghai was exciting.

So I sent my CV to the company and attended the assessment day. I succeeded in all their examinations and two months later I was on a plane bound to Shanghai!

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How long have you been with China Eastern?

It’s been almost two years since I started working for this company. Most of my flights are to Rome and back, and occasionally to other countries. This way I have the opportunity to attend classes at my university and successfully finish my studies.

Face Of China Eastern Airline 3


So, How did you become the of China Eastern airline?

One day my manager just called me out of the blue to do some photo shooting for an ad. What a big surprise! I really did not expect that.

I was very surprised but also very happy because until then this Company asked only Chinese models to do the ad campaigns. In recent years, many Europeans joined the company before me – so I couldn’t imagine they will ask me to do the photo shooting and the video ad for the company. It’s a great honor.

Face Of China Eastern Airline 2


Are you in Economy or Premium cabin?

I’ve been working in business class for 4 month now. After working 7 months in economy class  I got to join the training for business class. The business class training included an exam in Chinese. Yes, I had to learn a little Chinese.
I couldn’t believe that I was given the promotion in a short time. I’m grateful for that and I’m doing my best to make them proud.


What do you like the most about your job as a flight attendant?

The main reason I love my job is the possibility to get to know lots of people from different countries and to experience different cultures and different realities. It really opens my horizons. This job is dynamic and allows me to discover the world. Obviously, I love to travel around – have a lunch in Shanghai, dinner in Bali and two days later fly to Rome, for example.

Face Of China Eastern Airline 4


What would you say to the young boys and girls out there who dream to be flight attendants?

I encourage them to believe in their dreams and don’t give up at the first obstacle. I know people who applied many times and only succeeded after their eight assessment for this position. Therefore determination is absolutely necessary. If you don’t pass the first selection it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right skills.

Sometimes during the group stage, when you have limited time to shine, not everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion or show their potential and skills to the recruiters. So just keep going. They will eventually see you and you’ll get selected.


You can follow Giada Pulcinelli on Instagram @giadapulcinelli and see how she lives her life as a flight attendant. You can also ask Giada any questions in the comments below.  🙂 


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