Grandfather Becomes Flight Attendant at The Ripe Age Of 62

Grandfather Becomes Flight Attendant

Grandfather, Mark Heydon, who turns 63 next month, was a civil service worker.

But his age didn’t get in the way of fulfilling his dreams.

After he was made redundant as a family first officer, he decided to become a flight attendant.

His role is now very different but he has taken to it quickly because he is such a natural at customer service.


Grandfather Becomes Flight Attendant

Mr Heydon said he chose to become a flight attendant because he felt doing something different would be good for him.

“I think a number of things keep you young and a new challenge, doing something that frightens you, is one of them.”

“Clearly this one was frightening in a sense in that you never knew what was in front of you. It was about the unknown really – would I cut it, and so on.”


Getting the job was not easy, with Mr Heydon one of 260 candidates who were selected from more than 12,000 applicants.

He admitted it took him took four days to recover from fatigue after training.

“My wife is so proud of me. She looks after me to make sure I’m turned out well in my uniform and she tends to follow my flights online to see if it has taken off or is delayed.”

PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: MARK HEYDON AND HIS WIFE LORRAINE HEYDON AT HIS GRADUATION CEREMONY AFTER HE RETRAINED AT THE AGE OF 62 TO BECOME TUI CABIN CREW) A flight attendant has become a viral sensation after ditching his job as a civil servant to retrain as cabin crew at the age of 62 - because he 'loves working with people'. Mark Heydon, who turns 63 next month, previously worked as a Family First officer managing a yearly budget of more than ??1 million, but claims he missed working with people so he decided to retrain as a flight attendant. The hopeful applied for a job at TUI and joined the cabin crew for his first flight on May 1 2019 - but was such a natural at customer service passengers were convinced he had been working at the company for years. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY - 0161 697 4266

First day is always the scariest.

“My first day was very nerve-wracking, I felt a bit like a rabbit in headlights. I was trying to remember so many things because the role flips between customer service to aircraft security and passenger safety.”


You’re indeed an inspiration to all of us Mr. Heydon.

Welcome aboaord!

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[Source: Metro News]




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