How To Start An Adventurous Career As A Flight Attendant


What you must understand is that as a flight attendant you’ll be the face of the airline.

It is you who determines the ease and comfort of passengers in flight. This challenging role will require spending long hours on your feet while delivering friendly, attentive and quality service as well as ensuring the safety of everyone on board.

So, how do you get this job? Read below and we’ll take you through each step.


How Do You Start A Life As A Flight Attendant

Minimum Age

You need to be over 18 for an airline to accept your application. However, many long haul international airlines raised their minimum age to 21 years old.

Realistically, 21 is a better age as you are more mature and should be able to make independent decisions. You’re also more emotionally stable (I hope) to care for others.



The basic education requirement is your high school diploma.

Then again, many airlines around the world will require you to have completed at least two years of university.

For more about the flight attendant’s job requirements, please read these articles.


Work Experience

The airline industry is a people-oriented business, and therefore, recruiters are quite keen on your prior experience with people.

It is advantageous if you have previously worked in a hotel, restaurant, cruise ship or airport ground staff as it depicts that you have hands-on experience in the service industry.

However, having a previous experience in any other field where you had to display teamwork, confidence and people management skills is equally beneficial.

You’re just as qualified for the job whether you’ve worked as a nurse who cares for patients, a teacher who watches over school children, a shopkeeper who welcomes shoppers, an engineer who works with a team of contractors, a secretary who deals with her boss, or a wedding singer who entertains guests …  🙂


Right Attitude

Skills can be taught, but attitude is forever. 

Airline recruiters hire for attitude, not skills. You got to have the right mindset, the right personality, the right stuff. (To know more about attitude and mindset, please read 6 Universals Qualities Cabin Crew Recruiters Are Looking For.)


Physically & Medically Fit

Height requirements typically vary with different airlines, but overall you should be able to reach the top luggage compartments easily and fit comfortably in the cabin. (For more details about height requirements please read, Why The Unfair Height Requirement For Cabin Crew Jobs?)

Your weight should allow you to move with ease within the aisle, and you should be able to fit into the jump seat comfortably with no adjustments. (If you want to know more about your weight as a cabin crew, please read How To Easily Calculate Your Weight Requirement To Be A Flight Attendant.)

You should have good vision and pass a medical physical/agility test.

There will be a background check and drug screening. Please Say No to Drugs.  😀

Winning CV

No matter how good you are for a certain job position, you will need to prove your case in writing. As such, your CV is one of the most important documents you’ll need.

Your CV ought to be clearly presented and should highlight all of the relevant information that your potential employer might want to see.

It should be concise yet attention-grabbing so as to stand out from the ocean of CVs any given airline will receive.

For excellent tips, please see our CV Writing articles.


Interview Questions

Everyone will agree that the hardest part of getting selected is finding the right answers to all those behavioral based questions you’ll be asked by the recruiters.

I find these two ebooks very helpful in knowing what to expect at the interview.

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You will make an online application. You should have a passport and if you don’t, start the process immediately.

It is important to have an email address that is in your name.

If you hear of an Open Day, Walk in Interview, or CV Drop, you can skip the online application and submit your CV personally.

Once shortlisted, you will be invited to attend an assessment day to assess your suitability for the role in areas of customer service, teamwork, adaptability and safety.


Lastly, after the nerve-racking days of assessing and waiting for the final approval, you’ll be scheduled to go through the airline’s in-house training which you will need to pass.

That takes around 7 – 8 grueling weeks and voila! You are a flight attendant…


Still have questions? Please go to Frequently Asked Questions On How To Become A Flight Attendant.

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