How To Instantly Impress A Flight Attendant

impress a flight attendant

It’s pretty straightforward to impress a flight attendant. Recognizing hard work and extending gratitude to someone for a service doesn’t require much thinking or pre-planning. It’s basic human courtesy if you really think about about it.

You’ll be remembered by someone for brightening up their busy day and who knows maybe you might be rewarded with a wonderful treat during the flight.

Below is a heartwarming post by a user from Quora about his brief interaction with a flight attendant.

Simple Move To Impress A Flight Attendant

Simply Recognize

…. on a recent flight I was so impressed with one of the female flight attendants. She gave me such a lovely smile when she asked if I wanted things, and was so charming, and I watched her behave like that with every singly person she dealt with – male, female, young or old.

She kept it up for the whole of the long flight, and I noticed that many passengers took it for granted, barely even registering her as a person, and some even scowling back because they were clearly not enjoying being on a long flight.

Well, she was standing in the middle of the plane as we got off, and I stopped in front of her and looked her very clearly in the eyes and said with sincerity,

‘Thank you for being so lovely.’


She was so overwhelmed! ‘Oh, that’s so nice of you to say that!’ she said.

It was nice that she got the respect she deserved for putting so much effort into her work.


And on an even more trivial note, I once managed [during the flight] to get all of the components of my food tray back into the box it came in, and just about close the box.

When the flight attendant came to collect the refuse, which normally tends to be at risk of falling all over the place as you hand it to them, she took my neatly packed box and said, “Well you can come again!”


Thank you Paul Hancock for posting this, it shows how truly a good human being you are.

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This article was first published on Quora by Paul Hancock.


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[Featured crew: Szonja, posted with permission]