What A Day In The Life Of A Flight Attendant Is Really Like

Thousands of girls and boys dream of becoming flight attendants. That magical feeling of having a workplace up above the clouds is what captivates most of our younger minds.

You need to realize that there’s a lot that happen behind those curtains before, during and after the flight.


A Day In The Life Of A Flight Attendant!

Typically the flight attendant will report at the airline’s dispatch building. The reporting time could be at 5:00 am. That means you may have to get out of bed at 3:00 am or earlier!

You should know that it’s not uncommon that crew members may not have time to even sit at all throughout the flight – hence the phrase,

“We walked to London!”

At the very end of our duty (which may be a non-stop 12-hour duty or more) we get on a bus ready to go to our hotel rooms where we’ll just crash on our beds!

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