How To Keep The Love Alive While Working As Cabin Crew

Love Alive While Working As Cabin Crew

Being a flight attendant means working thousands of feet above and thousands of miles away from home.

This proves very challenging when it comes to keeping long-term relationships.

Here are different ways to keep the love alive while working as Cabin Crew:


Keeping Love Alive While Working As Cabin Crew

1 Understand What You Both Want

Do you want to hold on to the relationship or let go?

Do you want to fight for it when you reach hurdles or will either of you give up?

Make these intentions known from the very start. Communicate constantly and lay everything out on the table.

” – every relationship will be different, and the two people involved are likely to have their own unique expectations of what being together means.”


2 Have Separate Interests

While it is good to have similar interests with your partner, it can also be very healthy to have different hobbies or pursue separate careers.

“One misconception is that couples must have shared interests. In fact relationship experts say pursuing separate interests can often lead to a very healthy relationship.”


3 Leave Work Problems Behind

You don’t want to be meeting your special someone after months of not seeing each other and all you talk about is still about flying or your cabin crew life.

“Don’t bring the flight home, and don’t bring home to the flight.”

“Moaning about your boss, annoying passengers, or the long hours you’ve worked can be a real passion killer.”

4 Make It Worth The Wait

You know that saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

When you miss someone, your desire for that person grows stronger. Keep that flame burning by making your reunions interesting, romantic, sexy and fun.


5 Work At ‘Quality Time’

With a very busy crew life, it is important to plan things ahead. Plan trips to a new place, romantic date nights at home or having tickets to a concert or a festival.

Putting much thought  into what you are going to do when you are together ensures that your partner will always look forward to having you home again.


6 Don’t Mix Business With Pleasure

You heard that phrase; Don’t screw the crew!

Seriously. Don’t.

It can be tempting out there. The opportunities are rampant. You’ll have urges and may go for it.

Sooner or later your other half will know and it will mess things up forever.

So is it worth it to ruin a great relationship?

“If you have someone special, think very carefully before getting involved with someone at work.”


7 Choose A Partner Who Understands

Not all people can cope with a partner who’s away most of the time; missing anniversaries, valentines, and others. Choose a partner who can handle your work and be okay with some time apart.


Hope these tips were helpful.

If you have any advice for crew to keep the flame alive please share with us in the comments on Facebook.

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