How To Make A Winning Cabin Crew Resume: 8 Practical Tweaks

Winning Cabin Crew Resume

Writing a good cabin crew resume is among the foremost steps in getting your dream job.

It’s a daunting task but a crucial one. You need to spend time perfecting it. Remember that recruiters will spend no more that 7 seconds scanning your resume. How do you make those 7 seconds count?

Is your resume pleasing to the eyes? Does it have all the vital information about you?

There’re going to be dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands, of other applicants who will be dropping their resumes too. How do you stand out?

Read on to find out what you should take out of your cabin crew resume now!

How To Make Your Cabin Crew Resume Readable

1 Two Pages

Your resume should be concise and all your qualification are easily seen by the recruiter. Ideally speaking, one page is the best. It definitely shouldn’t be more than two pages.

Summarize and shorten down your resume. Remember that you only have a few seconds to impress a recruiter.

Present yourself fast right from the first line of your resume and show only the information that is relevant.


Don’t ever use the words RESUME or CURRICULUM VITAE as the title. It’s pretty clear what this document is.

The only words that should be in large bold font across the top of your resume is your FULL NAME.

Many candidates think that putting the airline logo on the top is wise. It has become a trend as of late. But it’s really a tongue-in-cheek move and won’t be taken favorably or seriously.It’s unnecessary and will take much space at the top.

Keep in mind that recruiters will mostly read only the top part of your resume. Only if they like what they see at the top will they continue reading all the way to the bottom.

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3 Write An Impressive Summary

First of all remove the Objective statement altogether. We all know what your “objective” is. It’s to apply for the cabin crew position!

It’s silly to still include this in your resume. Use the top most part of your resume to introduce and sell yourself. This is your 7 seconds right here!

Ask yourself this question Why should they hire you?

Answer that question in one paragraph which isn’t longer than 5 sentences.

You can mention your objective in the Summary section. (For more on the benefits of adding a Summary paragraph, please read Why A Cabin Crew CV Summary Is So Much Better Than An Objective Statement.

Skip The Personal Details/ Bio Data

You don’t have to include a separate section for your Personal Details or Bio Data for the same reason that it takes a lot of space from your resume.

You can incorporate your age, accomplishments, and languages under your Name or in a Summary section.

Besides, they don’t need to know your hair or eye color.

5 Work Experience

Immediately below the Summary should be your Work Experience. List only work experiences that are relevant to customer service and hospitality.

For every Job Title, mention just a few responsibilities and duties that you had to perform.

6 Education

Keep your Education section short. Only mention the last education level you’ve attained.

If you’re a university graduate, you don’t need to add your highschool years. If you’ve just finished highschool, you don’t have to mention your primary school.

7 “SKILLS” Section

Why do applicants still outline their skills in bullet points on their resumes?

Your skills will be pretty obvious from the job responsibilities and duties in your Work Experience so having a separate section for skills is simply redundant.

You can also squeeze your passion and set of skills in your Summary.

You’re not applying for an office job, so they really don’t need to know that you’re an expert in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel. 😛

8 References

If you’re applying online, you don’t have to include a References section in your resume since you’ll have already submitted your References separately in the application form.

This gives you more space to mention other important things about yourself that you think will help you get selected like including additional relevant work experience, past achievements at work or any extra training that makes you a better candidate for the job.


So much to digest?

Don’t worry. We applied these tweaks for you to have an idea what a concise cabin crew resume would look like.


Cabin Crew Resume Example

Click to enlarge


Here’s is your chance to have your cabin crew resume checked by us.

Apply these changes to your resume now and send it to us at our Facebook page and we’ll tell you what we think.


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