Etihad: First In The Middle East Three To Allow Male Cabin Crew With Beards

Male Cabin Crew With Beards

If you try to observe male cabin crew at any of the Big Three airlines in the Middle East – Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad, you probably would notice that none of them are wearing a beard.

Surprisingly the Middle East is sorta popular for having lots of men with beards and Saudi Arabian Airlines has been allowing facial hair for male crew for years.


Eihad Allowes Male Cabin Crew With Beards

Facial Hair Ban

These airlines ban male cabin crew from having a beard. In fact, it’s been known for male cabin crew to be asked to shave mid-flight on ultra-long-haul sectors because they were developing the five o’clock shadow!


Bucking the Trend

However, Etihad Airways is about to buck the trend and become the first airline in the region to allow male cabin crew to have a beard. This small yet significant grooming policy change shows that more and more airlines are finally catching up with modern values.

Airlines around the world now are starting to relax grooming policies as our values across society start to shift.


Rules Still Exist

Don’t expect Etihad’s male cabin crew to suddenly start turning up for work unshaven though. There will still be plenty of rules – first and foremost will be a requirement that crew can’t start growing a beard on duty.

That means that many might have to wait for a long holiday before they grow one out and the beard will have to be neat and tidy.


It’s interesting that Etihad is making this change during their massive restructuring campaign that will hopefully get the carrier into the green after several years of massive losses.

What do you think about this Etihad’s new grooming standard?

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