Why You Should Never Treat Flight Attendants Badly

Treat flight attendants badlyFlight attendants are probably one of the most underrated and underappreciated professionals. Some people even go boldly as to thinking that we are just overpaid waitresses.

We are actually highly skilled individuals who have undergone rigorous trainings to be capable of saving the lives of those we are attending on board.


Never Treat Flight Attendants Badly

We heard the devastating news of the Aeroflot accident that took away precious lives of 41 people. One of which is the brave flight attendant, Maksim Moiseev, who risked his life to save the passengers trapped in the flaming airplane.

Without this brave man’s courageous act and other crew, the casualties would have been unimaginable.

One survivor of the Aeroflot crash said:

“I’m alive only thanks to the stewardesses. The girls stood there in the smoke, it was dark, extremely hot, but they pulled people out and helped them get down the chutes”


Long History of Heroism

There have been many incidents that go a long way in history where flight attendants showed bravery during unforseen tragedies.

Back in 1982, an Air Florida jetliner crashed with 78 casualties with only five survivors. Flight attendant Kelly Duncan was one of five to survive from the crash.

She offered the only available life jacket to a seriously injured passenger instead of using it for herself.

One of the brave flight attendants we have lost in line of duty was Barbara Jane Harrison of BOAC flight 712 in 1968.

She died in the burning plane, but not before saving many passengers.

Her bravery was recognized by the government when she was posthumously awarded a George Cross for her act of heroism.


Treat Your Crew Right

Despite these countless acts of bravery, people still continue to be rude to their flight attendants and treat us like mere usherettes or servers of their snacks and coffee.

Being so indifferent towards someone who could save your life is just downright wrong when you should have been thankful.

Just a piece of advice – treat your flight attendant right. You never know, we could be the reason you’ll get out of your next flight alive.

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[Source: Boarding Area]

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