My Eight New Year’s Resolutions As A Cabin Crew For 2019

Resolutions As A Cabin Crew

It’s a new year. A new opportunity to reset or turn a new page. A time to let go of the past and set new goals, dreams and aspirations. What are your New Year’s resolutions?

My New Year’s resolutions will be focused on people and positivity. Here’s what I will work on in 2017!


My New Year’s Resolutions As A Cabin Crew

1 Smile More

I want the energy and care that I farewell people with to match the energy I welcome them with. If I am to be trapped in a metal tube flying people around, I may as well have a good time.



2 Be More Patient

If someone doesn’t know aviation protocol, I’ll be supportive and respectful instead of brusque and frustrated.

I remember the first time I sat in a business seat and felt like an absolute numpty for doing the wrong thing with my seat, recliner, and glassware.

Besides, hospitality is meant to make people feel at ease, not feel like they’re having an etiquette education or are in a safety training bootcamp.


3 Speak to UMs and Special Needs Passengers

Kids (and the elderly) flying alone get bored and are often overwhelmed and may be scared.

If they seem shivery, I’ll blanket or tea them. If they seem confused by the drink cart choices, I’ll break it down for them.

They will always remember the kindness of flight attendants!



4 Be Punctual

The last two months I have been rolling in the door about 15 minutes early each day as opposed to 30 seconds previously. I have really noticed the difference. This comes in two ways; my approach to my role and my colleagues’ approach to me. It was a huge culture shock and adjustment to be early each day just for the love of it but I have finally trained my internal clock and the benefits are huge.



5 Review Safety Manuals Regularly

As much as I hate it, I’ve decided to make peace with my nemesis and go through its pages at least 5 minutes before a duty. I guess this will help make the recurrent emergency procedures exams less terrifying!

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6 Drink Only Water While On Board

No coffee. No tea. Definitely no canned sodas. Enough said.



7 Explore More

Go somewhere new. Whether it’s a new country entirely – or a new landmark, park or brunch place somewhere more familiar.

I should also use my ID tickets and travel more on my days off. Just pick the next flight to anywhere!



8 Rekindle My Love For the Uniform

Remember, the first day you put on that uniform?!

I will inject the uniform standards with a little freshness and personality. Update the lipstick, shoes or earrings and start strutting the airport with renewed pride!

How about you? What are your New Year’s resolutions?

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[Featured crew: Andi, posted with permission]


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