Female Norwegian Air Cabin Crew No Longer Required To Wear High-heels

Norwegian Air Cabin Crew

Female Norwegian Air flight attendants are no longer required to wear high heels and makeup.

It took a took an online petition for this decision to be finally made.

The relaxing of the grooming standard was issued weeks after a 22-page dress code was mocked and gone viral.


Changes In Norwegian Air Cabin Crew Grooming Standards

Previously, Norwegian Air female cabin crew can wear flat shoes only after takeoff during the in-flight service .

They had to have a doctor’s certificate at all times and update it every six months if they wanted to wear flat shoes for ground duties.

Also female cabin crew had to wear eye makeup and light face makeup and men were barred from wearing any makeup at all, unless it was to cover acne or bruises.

Management issued a 22-page grooming manual to reinforce these rules.


All this backfired and an online petition was created calling for its end which racked up nearly 20,000 signatures in just a few weeks.

Some commented:

“It is almost comical that we face these issues in 2019 … While the rest of society has moved on, Norwegian is stuck in the ‘Mad Men’ universe from the 1950s and 60s.”


Norwegian management had to retract saying,

“We now allow female crew members to wear flat shoes at all times and no makeup if they choose, male crew members can also wear light makeup,”

“We are willing to review the guidelines again internally and make necessary changes if there is a wish to do so among our cabin crew globally… It is certainly not our intention to offend or provoke anyone with our uniform guidelines, externally or internally.”


Do you hear that airlines of Asia and the Middle East? Change is coming.

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