What A Successful One On One Cabin Crew Interview Really Sounds Like

One On One Cabin Crew Interview

Great! You got selected to proceed to the final stage, which is the one on one cabin crew interview.

By now, you’re probably searching the Internet for all the questions they may throw at you. You’re wondering how to respond in a natural and fluid way without sounding too nervous or self-conscious.

If this is you, read this excerpt below of an actual one-on-one interview. This is what a good interview should be like. The text in bold black are the recruiters. At the bottom is the actual summary and words of the successful candidate who is now flying the skies!


What  A One On One Cabin Crew Interview Sounds Like

How are you today?

I’m fine, thank you. How about you? (smiling)


We’re fine, thank you.

Great. You are more then welcome in (my country) and I hope you enjoy your stay.


Yes, thank you very much. So tell us about yourself Sarah.

I’m 22 years old. I studied Tourism in university. I currently work as receptionist at Marriott Hotel for 2 years now. Today I’m here looking to become a cabin crew and hoping I’ll meet your requirements.


That’s good. So, why do you want to be a flight attendant?

That’s a very interesting question. It reminds me of a day about a year ago when I was in a hotel with my family. Suddenly, a group of cabin crew from your airline came walking in the hotel pulling their trolley bags and wearing that prestigious uniform. They were just very beautiful. From that day I first fall in love with the uniform then the company and then the job of cabin crew. So I started collecting information about your company and your requirements.  I realized that this job is not about physical appearance but it’s about character and attitude. It’s about the way of dealing with customers and making them feel always welcomed, special, happy, and safe. So I prepared myself by working a few months in customer service and I’ve learned a lot. This is what I want to do more of in the future, especially with a company like yours, of course if I get hired today.


How about living away from your family?

I’m already 22 years old. This is the right time to be responsible and start counting on myself. I already discussed this with my family. They are actually encouraging me to go after my dream. They know I will be working with a great company. So I’m sure they will be proud of me. Besides, I will be in touch with them always with the technology of today. They can come also for a visit.

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Do you share your room with your sister? What if she took your skirt without your permission.What do you do?

I’d just communicate with her properly to solve the problem. Maybe she really needed it that time. I try to give her the benefit of the doubt.


You do know that you’re going to share a flat with another colleague. What if she does the same as your sister?

I will do the same. (smiling)


You are so generous. But what if you just communicate with her and she does it again and doesn’t listen?

I will talk to her and if I find out that she does it in purpose. Then I will have to inform the management.


Okey great. If you were to rate yourself from 1 to 10, what would you be?

7 or 8.


Why 7 or 8? Do you think you have 2 or 3 points that you need to work on?

You mean my weaknesses?



I do believe that everybody has a weak point. For me I’ve learned lot about my self. I know what I have and what I don’t have. So, what I’m working on improving is …. (Give an example while showing them that you’re already starting to get over this weakness.)


Thank you very much for your interest in our company and hope to see you soon.  We don’t have other questions.


They were looking at me nodding their heads. I was so talkative and gave them a story.

I was asked to wait outside for an assistant to tell me the result. But a recruiter came and said, “Congratulations Sarah!” and just walked away for his lunch break.

I couldn’t believe that I got in until they started giving me document with the list of requirements I had to bring and some other forms I had to sign.

That’s all. I was hired!

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[Featured crew: Gloria, posted with permission]



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