How British Pilot Dies After Exposure To Toxic Fumes ‘Aerotoxicity’

Pilot Dies After Exposure To Toxic Fumes

British Pilot Richard Westgate, age 43 passed away in 2012 after taking fatal overdose of sleeping pills.

Family claims that his self medication was caused by exposure to toxic fumes knows as ‘Aerotoxicity’.


Pilot Dies After Exposure To Toxic Fumes

His twin brother Guy Westgate claimed the syndrome caused Richard to suffer years of poor health including severe headaches, mental confusion, sight problems and insomnia.

“He would describe the pain as if his brain was being sandpapered. He couldn’t find any other way to describe the severity of the pain.”


What is Aerotoxicity?

Is a process by which regular flyers are gradually exposed to toxins from an aircraft’s engines over a long period of time.

The toxins come from engine oil and leaking hydraulic fluid.

Research suggests that the toxins enter aircraft cabin air through what is known  as ‘bleed air’, leading to illness among pilots and cabin crew through repeated exposure.

There is currently no clear ruling on the long term effects of aerotoxicity according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Family of BA pilot started legal bid to prove his death came after inhaling toxic engine fumes on board in test case that could cost air industry tens of millions of pounds and also backing up over almost over 100 cases of aerotoxicity have been brought against BA by staff.

Aerotoxicity is among the high risks cabin crew and pilots are taking and airlines must do something about it now!

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