This Girl’s Pursuit Of Her Cabin Crew Dream Job Was Far From Easy

Pursuit Of Her Cabin Crew Dream Job Was Far From Easy

When you want something so badly, you should be willing to do things you’ve never done before — even if this means doing the things you fear most. As for me, I did a lot of things I never thought I’d be able to do for this cabin crew dream of mine.

Few weeks before I graduated College, I got short-listed by Etihad Airways. So a day after graduation, I went straight to Abu Dhabi, UAE for my screening and initial interview. Sadly, I didn’t make it.

I cried so hard.

I thought I was inexperienced by that time. So I tried applyig for other airlines which was Cebu Pacific, Saudia Airlines (it turns out I was underage) and Philippine Airlines International.

And again, Ididn’t get in. I tried applying for PAL Express and finally I got in. But the the unthinkable happened.

We had already been scheduled for our training but then they kept postponing it for months until they finally told us that we didn’t make it (even though we passed all our pre-employment requirements and medical exams. We waited for 6 months but it was all a waste of time.

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I lost faith.

But then my boyfriend encouraged me to apply again for Cebu Pacific. At first I was skeptical because what if I don’t get accepted again? That would devastate me. I managed to summon whatever courage I got left and applied one more time.

Fortunately, this time I passed my Initial and Final Interviews. I went on to do the Initial Training and graduated last June 20th.

I had my ups and downs during training, sleepless nights for countless exams, stressful times practicing for our emergency drills but, cliche as this might sound, it was most definitely all well worth it. All those struggles – a very tiny price to pay for all the blessings that followed.

For all aspiring cabin crew, always remember luck never favors those who rely on it, it’s all about you, your faith and your determination.


This article was submitted by Christine Angelique who is currently a proud cabin crew of Cebu Pacific Air.

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