Why Many Will Never Qualify For Flight Attendant Jobs In The Philippines

Qualify For Flight Attendant Jobs In The Philippines

A few months ago, one of our readers sent us a message out of frustration that she couldn’t qualify for flight attendant jobs in the Philippines because she didn’t have a university degree.

Do you think having a college degree is a fair requirement?

Read her message below and tell us what you think.


Do You Really Need A College Degree To Qualify For Flight Attendant Jobs In The Philippines?

Good day everyone,

I’m 24 years old. Since I was a child, my dream has always been that I’d land one of those flight attendant jobs. I just find flight attendants and the work they do fascinating.

I passed through Elementary and High School with honors. Being in public view and dealing with people wasn’t difficult for me since I did a bit of showbiz in my country during my High School days. I managed to both study hard and take small parts on local TV shows.

Then I went to college and was also a straight ‘A’ student.

All was well until one day I got pregnant. That’s when I had to stop school to become a single mom.

God knows how hard I tried to finish my school. However, my child is my priority now.

Then I was told by a friend to get back to the pursuit of my dream job and apply to one of the airlines in the Philippines.

At last! I thought my break has finally come. (that’s what I thought). But was I wrong!

While submitting my CV at their office, a staff bluntly told me they won’t even accept my application since I didn’t complete at least two years of university. 

I was devastated.


Their requirements are as follows:

  • At least 5 ft 3″ in height.
  • Weight must be proportionate to height.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Good looks.
  • Must be smart and attentive.


But a few of the flight attendants I see are shorter than 5 ft 3 inches. Not all of them are fluent in English.

Where’s the justice?

According to their HR they only hire ‘professional’ people.

Being an undergrad doesn’t mean we’re not professionals, right?

I believe, as long as we’re good listeners, can follow rules and can give a great customer service, then flight attendant jobs are within our reach!

Who are they to call us unpro?!

It’s not all about what we’ve achieved but what we’re capable to deliver.

For me, customer service comes from the heart and is constantly being developed through experience.

Most airlines around the world only require at least a High School degree, as long as the applicants are capable of doing the job. Why is it different here?

I hope this message will enlighten everyone’s mind and of course the minds of those who are in high positions in airline companies.

I end with this:

Don’t just look at the diploma Sir/Ma’am.

Sincerity, integrity and capability will do.

Not all degree-holders are great customer service providers and some undergrads are more eager to do hard work.

Thank you and more power.

– Name hidden for privacy.

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Should airlines in the Philippines follow other airlines worldwide and lower the minimum requirement to a High School degree?

Should they be more focused on finding candidates who really love to give customer service?


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