Rami Knew In 1999 That He Would Become A Cabin Crew For Emirates

cabin crew for emirates

A flight attendant approached little Rami for a photo as part of the airline’s promotional campaign. He was surprsied and excited of course. But that also sparked a childhood dream.

Sixteen years later that dream became a reality. He now wears the same uniform of those people he once admired so much!

I Heart Cabin Crew got to chat with Rami and this is what he shared with us:


How Rami Became A Cabin Crew For Emirates

How old were you in this photo?

I was 7 years old. It was my first time flying ever. I remember I was calm and comfortable though. Not behaving like the other kids my age who were on board. Throughout the 16 hours of flight, I was awake looking around me to see what’s happening in the cabin and looking down outside the window at the big world passing underneath me.


Where were you flying to?

My mother and I were flying from Beirut to Melbourne through Dubai to see my brother who currently lives there for 22 years. This photo was taken on the Dubai to Melbourne trip.


Who took this photo?

The airline had this program; A Flight To Remember. Judith Oliver, the flight attendant, chose me as the first kid to take a photo with. She told my Mom that I was so calm and quiet. Hehe.


What a flight to remember indeed! Did you know back then that you wanted to be a cabin crew?

Since that time I kept telling myself that one day I’ll be working for this company and be a member of this big family.

Why did you want to become a cabin crew?

Actually it was a feeling inside me that this kind of job fits my personality and lifestyle. I’ve always had a heart for service. I’ve also always had a drive for excellence. I found that to be so true when I started flying. I began getting amazing feedback and compliments from customers and my managers. I got recognition and appreciation in my graduation day too. Now, I’m looking for the Star of the Month status.


You know a lot of people will be messaging you asking for advice, right?

Yeah, what I can say right now is no one can really predict what’s going to happen in the future. But there’s one thing we can be sure of, we can have any goal we want. Then we just have to do whatever is possible to find paths to chase it. If it’s yours, in God’s time, you’ll have it.

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How do you like flying so far?

I love it. It’s in my blood now.


What can you say to those who dream to become cabin crew?

Amazing things aren’t always easy. It’s the things you fight and struggle for before earning that have the greatest worth. When something’s difficult to come by, you’ll do everything to get it and work even harder to make sure you don’t lose it. 


What can you say to your cabin crew colleagues around the world? 

We live life only once. So, in everything we do let’s do it with heart. Create amazing moments worthy of remembering. Just do it without expecting anything in return.


Any last words to say?

Thank you God for all His blessings.

I wish I can meet Judith again. I hope I could tell her what an impact she made on me.

Now, I’m that flight attendant taking those photos with the children using the on-board Polaroid. I’m also going to see my brother just like in the first photo but this time I’ll have nieces waiting for me too. 

Maya Angelou was right when she said:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


* * * * * *

As if Rami’s story wasn’t inspiring enough, this is what happened next. It’s incredible!

After posting this article on Facebook, we received a few comments like this!

“Cool You can say thank you in person Rami.  Judith Oliver is still in Emirates, in cabin crew management. She’s one awesome lady with a heart of gold.” – Ruth Njoroge


“Judith is CCM in JC team Rami, you should go and see her…” – Naing Thit Sar


“Judith Oliver is an inspiration. She still works at Emirates in management.” – Samie Al-Achrafi


Then this comment just melted our hearts…

“Just flew with Rami yesterday to Vienna. Judith came into the briefing room to surprise him. A day to remember!” – Sya Sh


Rami Cabin Crew For Emirates


Our eyes were shining, especially hers. She couldn’t believe the moment she knew about the story. I got a little emotional with teary eyes when she came and surprised me. I gave her a huge hug. She’s family now. I’m going to see her again after I come back from another flight. Sure we’ll talk about lots of things.

I still can’t fully believe that this is real. I can say that my life is a little different now. Who would have known that the simplest thing you do for someone can have a gigantic impact in the future?

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[Photos and story by Rami]


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