6 Insane Things NEVER To Say To Flight Attendants

Things NEVER To Say To Flight Attendants

Consider your words before you say anything to your flight attendant.

You don’t want to create bad rapport with the ones who will be serving your food and beverages, the very people who may have to administer CPR on you when you can’t breathe on your own, or the heroes who will be carrying you out of a burning aircraft.


6 Things NEVER To Say To Flight Attendants

1. “Uhm… Stewardess?

This isn’t the 1950s! Flight attendants aren’t mere glorified cocktail waitresses.

We’ve been through rigorous training for all sorts of emergency situations. In the event of a mishap you’ll be looking at us to rescue you.

So, please avoid calling us by that “title”. It isn’t what we are called in today’s world of flying.


2. “I want my chicken!”

If you’re lucky to even be on a flight that still serves food, then you shouldn’t be complaining really. Most flights don’t serve food at all nowadays. So think first.

Unless you’ve made a special meal request, don’t be a cry-baby saying, “I want my chicken!”

Like what they say, we ran out of chicken, not FUEL!

Is it too hard to say, “Well, that’s fine. I will take whatever you have.

Trust me, you’ll be in our good books. We will take extra care of you from then on. We’ll keep the champagne flowing if you’re in the premium cabin.

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3. “I have a connecting flight!”

We wish we could assure you that you’ll get to where you’re going without any disruptions. But if the flight is delayed, we can’t promise anything.

Flight attendants can’t call the airports asking them to keep your next flight on hold until you land.

We can’t control delays caused by weather or technical conditions so please don’t use your flight attendant as your punching bags for your frustrations.

If you’d really think about it, we are just  as frustrated by the delays as you are.


4. “I Miss the Good Old Days of Hot Flight Attendants”

Let me just quote Caroline Morse, a Senior Editor at Smarter Travel website:

Remember the “good old days” when flight attendants were required to be young, single, and hot? Well, we bet the last flight attendant you harassed can remember the good old days when passengers were expected to be friendly, well dressed, and polite. Keep your misogynistic thoughts to yourself, you dirty old man. – SmarterTravel

5. “Lift My Bag”

Just recently, a man was named enemy number one by flight attendants from all over the globe because he took a photo of a flight attendant who didn’t want to lift his bag and posted it on Facebook. His intention was to send a complaint to her airline. He had no idea he would be left with egg on his face after his complaint backfired.

Let me quote Caroline Morse again;

Congratulations. You’ve managed to cram everything you own into your carry-on bag. There’s no way you’re gate-checking it now, even if it does weigh 100 pounds. Who cares if you can’t lift it—you’ll just ask one of the flight attendants to heft it into the overhead bin for you. They’re basically baggage handlers that come along for the ride, right?

You probably wouldn’t think that way if you knew that 80 percent of respondents in a 2010 survey of Association of Flight Attendant members said that they had suffered injuries from carry-on bags in the past year. Also, since lifting bags into bins is not technically part of flight attendants’ job descriptions, they won’t get compensated if they get hurt helping you lift your bag. — SmarterTravel


6. ‘Bomb!’

You should never say this on board a plane. Never!

You’d think most people would have the common sense by now but there are a few who still take this as a joke!

Saying this word on board will not only upset the crew and the passengers but it could land you in trouble with the law.

A commercial plane was escorted by fighter jets and the airport was closed for a few hours just because a man used the word ‘bomb’ on board.

He was arrested upon arrival. No explanations required.

Never means never!


Please don’t take away from this that flight attendants are cold and mean people because truly we’re not.

We are human beings too; with feelings that could get hurt. We’re are also scared of external threats just as you are.

If you’re extra courteous you might just brighten our long and tiring day and in return we’ll give you the most memorable flight ever as a reward!

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[Featured crew: Jazz Kaur, posted with permission]