10 Ugly Bitter Truths About Being Flight Attendant

10 Ugly Bitter Truths About Being Flight Attendant

Just like any other job with both negative and positive sides to it,  being a flight attendant also has its own fair share of bitter sentiments.

The job is definitely far from the stereotyped glitz and glamour people often visualize upon the thought of it.


Bitter Truths ABout Being Flight Attendant

1 Frustrating Stereotypes

I hear a lot from people saying that we cabin crew don’t do much other than stroll around the cabin and look pretty.

It probably is the most frustrating thing to hear again and again.

People truly have no idea the amounts of responsibility and duty we crew have.

We don’t only serve chicken and beef and look good on board.

There’s so much that goes on behind the scene that passengers don’t really see, and don’t need to see.


2 Missing Special Events

When our loved ones celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, it’s so sad not being able to witness these joyous events.

Calling in sick to attend these festivities isn’t an option either.

Unless we want to risk losing our jobs.


3 No Yearly Bonus

Unlike other companies, airlines don’t really spend their money to please their staff with bonuses.

Well, they used to but not anymore.

They spend their money on things that give them more money in return.


4 Losing A Colleague is Losing A Family

Working in the same metal cube, spending time in layover hotels and perhaps partying together, your colleagues become family.

When one of them resigns, it’s truly like losing a sister or brother.

5 Depression

Airlines need their crew not only to be physically fit but also mentally as well.

So if there’s a slight hint of depression, it could get us fired.

Bottle up however terrible it is we feel is what we do which makes things even worse.

But well, fake it till you make it.

That’s our job.

6 Crazy Roster

Rosters can get way beyond crazy.

But getting stressed and being fatigued is not in the books.

We would never want to be branded ‘’not fit to fly’’.

Flying always feels like it’s a “survival of the fittest” journey.


7 Possible Accidents

Here and there accidents happen and could happen anytime.

It’s saddening to hear a terrible aircraft crash on the news.

And at the same time, dead frightening.

It could happen to us anytime.

8 Unfair Management

Getting promoted depends largely if not absolutely to what kind of managers you happen to have.

New crew can get promoted earlier just because they’re just so lucky to have a good manager that genuinely wants to help.

Unlucky to those who have “crazy managers”.

They can be working and performing well for decades and still get stuck in the same spot.

9 Standby Call

One of the things we hate the most is getting called for a flight in the last minute when we are on standby.

These kind of flights are definitely one of our least favorites.

10 Last Minute Changes

There are times we get super excited having a flight scheduled to one of the best places we love flying to.

Until they change it last minute to a turnaround or standby.

It’s maddening especially if we’re looking forward to this flight since the minute we got our roster!


With all these “not-so-good” realities about being a flight attendant, it’s still a dream job to most of us.

What other harsh realities do you experience while flying?

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