What Really Is The Weight Requirement For Flight Attendants?

Weight Requirement For Flight Attendants

Are you scared to apply because you’re not so sure about your weight? You must have heard a lot of rumors that flight attendants should be slim and “sexy”.

Don’t be!

The weight requirement for flight attendants have changed dramatically from how is used to be in the past.

Read along and you’ll know what it is exactly airlines are looking for when it comes to your weight.


Weight Requirement For Flight Attendants

Back in the day, the weight requirement to be a flight attendant was that of a supermodel. But airlines have evolved – mostly as a result of very expensive discrimination lawsuits. 😛

Today, airlines simply ask that your weight is proportional to your height.

I know what you’re thinking, what does weight proportional to height really mean?


First, use this calculator to figure out what your ideal body weight should be based on your height and gender.

Does your current weight fall within the range of the proposed ideal body weight?

If yes, then you qualify!

In simple words, weight proportional to height merely means that your weight should fall within range of your ideal body weight based on your height.

You don’t have to be thin or slim. But you do have to be – and look – healthy and fit.

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… it is more important to be in good shape than to look like a super model. Airlines need people with the necessary strength to open emergency doors, the agility to attend to passengers in sometimes cramped working conditions, and the stamina to survive 16-hour days. An overweight or out-of-shape person may not have the necessary strength, agility or stamina to perform. – airlinecareer.com


I hope this has cleared many of your questions about the weight requirement to be a flight attendant.

All the best and see you in the skies!  🙂


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23 thoughts on “What Really Is The Weight Requirement For Flight Attendants?

  1. I Heart Cabin Crew

    Your health is more important. Don’t loose too much weight just for a job and then get sick. I agree with you. It’s not right that they let you go despite of your condition. 🙁

  2. I Heart Cabin Crew

    I know how you feel Megan Rae Jonker. But according your height, your ideal weight is 56kg…I’m sure you look so fit and awesome now that you lost over 22kg!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Megan Rae Jonker

    I had to loose 22kg to qualify for an airline in the middle east… and when I lost it all and weighed 62kg, a competing airline told me to loose 10kg more to qualify for them…
    Ps: I am 165 tall!!!


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