Why ‘Flight Attendant’ Should Be Considered As A Dangerous Job

flight attendant should be considered as a dangerous job

Working as a Flight Attendant in any airline is a dream job for many and considered to be among the most iconic and glamorous.

But this is tjust he bright side of being cabin crew. There is also the dark side, that all active flight attendants and the ones who are currently pursuing such dream job should know about.


Flight Attendant Should Be Considered As A Dangerous Job

Alarming Physical and Psychological Side Effects

Let’s start with the long working hours and days of a flight attendant that is so exhausting and can really affect our body and mental health.

As well as Cosmic Radiation, Physically Strenuous Work, Psycho-Social factors such as disruptive rosters and ‘toxic’ cabin air are all major concerns.

A recent Harvard University study found that flight attendants have a higher risk of developing cancer, including non-melanoma skin cancer.

Female cabin crew are 51% more likely to develop breast cancer.


Cosmic ionizing radiation, circadian rhythm disruption, irregular schedules, as well as frequently crossing time zones and breathing in poor quality cabin air were listed as the main cause.

Another study by the U.S. CDC even suggested that suicide rates among flight attendants were 1.5 times higher than the general population, while deaths from alcoholism were over double the rate seen in the general population.

Cabin crew unions in Spain are fighting to add this job to a list of ‘dangerous’ jobs where workers can retire early.  Miners, railway workers, firefighters and even bullfighters are on the list.

Surprisingly pilots are already on the list and can retire from the age of 52 but for some reason, cabin crew were never considered.


Loss Of Life Isn’t Uncommon

There have been numerous accidents since the beginning of air travel and almost every one of these accidents resulted in the death of one or more cabin crew members.

Just like firefighters who are tasked to enter a burning building, cabin crew are trained to be the last to exit a burning plane.

Being the last to leave the plane can lead to cabin crew getting caught in the fire as what happened recently with Aeroflot.


So let’s ask the question again:

Should the flight attendant job be considered as a hazardous job?

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