3 Reasons The Cabin Crew Job Is So Attractive

Cabin Crew Job

Despite the risks, sacrifices and physical and emotional misery that may come along, what makes the cabin crew job so attractive and addictive?

I still remember the wide-eyed excitement of my first flight when I was 12. It was a journey from Sydney to London. Later aged 15, thumbing through the careers guide, I always stopped at F for Flight Attendant and the pages that followed were virtually untouched. I read over the job  description so many times that I could recite it in my sleep.

Why was I so hooked on this job from the very start?

Finally, after 20 years of reflection I have funneled down the love of aviation to three beautiful aspects.


Why Is The Cabin Crew Job So Attractive?

1 The Magic Of Flight

I think what’s fascinating is the magic of putting humans above the clouds.

I love the butterflies in my stomach at wheels up. I love the twinkle of the golden dots of city lights from above. Seeing the very summits of mountains passing by beneath never gets old.

It’s a modern miracle that a heavy metal tube can carry hundreds of people thousands of feet in the air. I was not initially obsessed with the sleek and sexy planes but I do love the little compartments and how magically there is a place for everything.


2 That Iconic Uniform

The second factor is that the role is iconic. Sliding the zip on that dress, slipping on those stockings and slicking on that lipstick (or male equivalent of each) completes a ritual that thousands have relished for generations. It makes me proud to be a part of a worldwide community.

3 The Wanderlust In Us

I love the feel of a new port: the public transport system map; the new coffee shops; reading the local paper and seeing what concerns these people and how I relate to them.

All flights are about exploring the uncharted – or indeed revisiting old places with new eyes.

Just as no two flights are the same, no two slips are the same. There will be lots of goodbyes but also lots of hellos.

And it’s true; venture far enough, and you venture back into your own soul.

Never stop exploring!

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[Featured crew: Joyce, posted with permission]